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Portal gun tutorial :: Cosplay DIY by NipahCos
Portal gun tutorial :: Cosplay DIY
Here are some W.I.P pictures I took while making my Portal gun. This is sort of a tutorial, I hope any of this will help you construct your own Portal gun!

1.) I cut the shapes out for the white parts of the gun from EVA foam, I sorta just guessed how big and what shape they would be from looking at the original gun. I then took a dremel and sanded the edges down. Afterwords I used a heat gun to heat the foam and form it.

2.) The claws are made from plastic, screws and EVA foam. I took an old plastic bin container and cut the shapes for the claws then screwed in screws at one joint so the claws could be repositioned. The tip was made from EVA foam, sanded and then sprayed black later on.

3.) The base/ barrel is complete constructed from PVC pipes and EVA foam. I believe I used two 4 inch couplings and two 2 inch couplings. The foam was cut and then sanded.

4.) Sprayed it all black now. The center plastic part is made out of a clear plastic tubing I got from Lowes, I sanded it down because sanded plastic reflects light better then regular plastic, it also gave it a fluorescent light look. The outer plastic part I actually took a large plastic cylinder container and cut out a piece of it to fit in the gun.

5.) I attached the now sprayed parts from the first picture. I also did some detail work and painted on the logo, aperture science barcode ad black line going down the largest white shell. I made ports for the wires out of thin craft foam.

6.) No pics of this but the wires I got from Lowes and cut them to the length I needed them and with E6000 glue (Used for almost everything in this, along with hot glue) I glued them into place. I also glued down the claws.

7.) To make the gun light up I bought four mini LED flashlights, they’re a dollar each at Target. I painted the tips of them with metallic blue and orange paint, metallic paint isn’t as thick as acrylic so the light shines through father nicely, the orange was a little dull so I took orange shiny orgami paper and wrapped it around the end of the flashlight to help the light be more vibrant. They are glued into place and fitted into a circle piece of foam which sits in the gun. It is removable so you can change the batteries when needed. Multiple flash lights for brighter light!

And tah dah! The gun is done! All in all it cost me maybe 40 bucks.

Handmade Portal Gun by NipahCos
Handmade Portal Gun
More pics here:

Here is my handmade Portal gun I made for my friend for Christmas!
The claws can be positioned an the lights do change from blue to orange!
It is completely made out of craft foam, EVA foam, PVC pipes, plastic, screws, LED lights and wires.
Divider I by RBSRdesigns

Hey guys! I am currently in a "Ardas wig/cosplay" contest and it'd really help if you could vote for my Axel cosplay!!…

Thank you very much!!

Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G

.::Cosplays I am currrently working on::.

Male Anna from Frozen
Malchior of Nol from Teen Titans
Male Raven from Teen Titans
Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder
Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians
Sora from Kingdom Hearts II
Journal Graphic-Bar 1 by Momma--G

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KDozier Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
You should totally try a Death The Kid cosplay O.o Your cosplay is awesome. Your fucking great at this
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Oh my god. ;-;
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I just want to say, you are PERFECT! I mean, your cosplays, and how you look, its Wow!  :)
veeisme Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
My stars and garters you are a beautiful man. sakimichan linked me to your genderbent Cruella cosplay, and you're too gorgeous to not add to my watch list! :heart:
Die-Rose Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
OMG *o* awsome cosplays
I can watch you?
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well holy fuck you are sexy arent you?
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your costums <3
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